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Brought to you with the help of a certain big, grumpy rat, and the shakespeare of public theater, thank you!

Welcome to our little book club!


What the F#%$ Is This?

Glad you asked. This is the landing page for a temporary online book club thing, but not just any temporary online book club thing, mind you! No siree Bob, horse, dog, goat, or hog! This temporary online book club thing's primary focus will be works pertaining to zoosexuality/zoophilia. Try finding something like that at your local library... You done looking? Did you find anything? Told you. Where was I… right, as I was saying, this will be pretty much like any other temporary online book club thing. you should know the grind well by now. Step 1) Actually read the book. Step 2) Have an insightful, fun, and stimulating conversation about it. During this project’s life we will be going over works that will be, if not neutral towards the sexuality, at least not be overly negative to the point where nothing insightful can be gleaned. With all that said, what do you think? Want to give it a whirl?


Q: Got my mom's pitchfork, silly foam MS Minecraft torch, and my favorite SpongeBob meme! This is for hating on those zoos, right??
A: No, sorry bucko. Also, put that pitchfork back where you found it before you put your eye out.

Q: Aww, dash! I’m not a zoo. I'm sad now because I kind of wanted to do a meeting or two.
A: Cheer up, nobody's perfect. We would love to have you! All are welcome.

Q: I don't want Big Brother listening in on me while I talk about taboo stuff.
A: They already know exactly what you’ve been buying at Bad Dragon, the damage has already been done. If it helps, though, once we make it to the end of the temporary online book club thing, all information we have collected will be sent off to the great bitbucket in the sky. Seeing as you are kind of concerned though, make sure that you at least use an alt email account; I know I will using one.

Q: How will these meetings be held/take place?
A: Meetings will be held over one of the major video conferencing platforms/chat services, in accordance with the schedule. The meetings will be audio only, thereby negating any peer pressure to wear clothing. That and anonymity.

Q: Where is the meeting schedule?
A: Go here

Q: I just sent you an email 0.3*10^-11 sec ago, how come I haven’t gotten a response back!?
A: We (for the most part, anyway) have lives, so it might take a bit. Sorry in advance.

Q: Will there be any wine? Book clubs are supposed to have wine!
A: You’re right, how could I have forgotten? Go to the garage, would you, and in the old yellow refrigerator there should be a few bottles, and while you’re at it snag a few cans of Grapette for those below 21, thanks. I’ll grab some coffee cups, and then let's get started.

Wicked! I want to do one! Or do I have a question?

Great! Group meetings will be held over one of the major voice chat platforms. You probably already have it installed. Just shoot us an email at or DM us at if you want to be enrolled, and we will do our best to work you in. You can also follow us on that twitter @zebookclub for an easy way to stat up to date.


Outside of a Dog, a Book is Man’s Best Friend. Inside of a Dog, It’s Too Dark to Read. -Groucho Marx